The SuperHop series takes Hoppy Pale as its base beer and then dry hops with generous amounts of differing varieties to create

very different beers with lots of intense hop character. The series currently includes:


Falconers Flight:

 Falconer Flight is a hop pellet created from a blend of a selection of american hops (including Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace)

when used to dry hop our hoppy pale it results in a huge citrus tropical hop bomb of a beer with loads of aroma and flavour.


 Ahtunum is an american hop that imparts aromas of grapefruit and a dry citrus finish with a lingering bitterness.


 One of the most recognizable hops used in modern pale ales, this dry hopped brew has all the characteristics that you

would expect from this classic hop - massive juicy fruit aromas and flavors abound.


The first English hop to be added to the SuperHop range. This sessionable beer balances fruity aromas with a

spicy earthiness and a lingering bitter finish.


 A current favourite hop of ours Chinook is an american hop with lots of citrus fruit flavour and aroma with a dry piney finish.